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 Our shop builds custom jewelry pieces for individuals across the United States.  I have spent 36 plus years, taking an idea and creating what you see in your mind.  Patience and our  personal touch to details and the willingness to work with me, is a necessary quality that helps the final outcome become a reality. If you want more than the ordinary, and want to create that timeless and lasting jewelry piece, with your unique flair, you found the right place.  If you have that design, idea, spark or an old piece you no longer wear, we can make your, idea come alive. Beauty to last a lifetime and beyond,  create something that can be passed down through the ages.


You’ve spent hours and days looking for that special engagement ring that says you.  Maybe a little of that ring and maybe a little of this ring.  For that special ring that says, “ YOU ”, lets blend your ideas and make your ring a one of a kind, made especially for you, to represent your unique personality.

M.L. Ernst  (Martin Lee Ernst) was established in 1980. 

Before that Martin graduated from San Jose State with an Art degree, and a minor in Art History.

He specialized in painting.

 After he graduated and went on to work in a jewelry store, and  on to be the manager of two very prestigious stores.(Sally Morton) in Town and Country Village, and two stores at Carmel By the Sea (Henri Corbet) downtown Carmel and the store at Pebble Beach Lodge. 

1980 He decided to become an artisan and have his manufacturing shop ever since.

We have been established since 1980, manufacturing custom jewelry and creating timeless individual pieces. Let our years of experience help you to create the ring of your dreams.

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